About the Property of Bane Full Suit Costume

The Bane fans all know that comic compared with Nolan’s Batman, the content of the comic is too simple. So who do Blake would becomeā€¦ Do you guess it?

Let us go back to see that parcel of the lens, I said that when John Blake takes the parcels, it is very important to the plot, not just for the above reasons, the more important plot is to no details of his will were released.

We all know Bruce Wayne’s will was read out in the final. But do you think something wrong with this? Yes, be read out are the property of the table.

And we all know, Wayne has a property of the table — Bane full suit costume.

Obviously, this property certainly has seen wills. We all know that only based on reason, this “under the table will” must be handed to the beneficiary!

Here we understand it, that the parcel is Wayne wrote. Blake Wayne gave a Bane full suit costume and left him!

Note that there is deep meaning, not only it let Gordon know who is Batman. It reminds the audience; these years filled with fear children have been subjected to love and care, and grow up may become a Batman!

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