Aiden Pearce Coat Jacket High Qulity 2014 Style

aiden pearce coat

Xcoser Costumes Aiden Pearce Coat Watch Dogs Jacket
Game: Watch Dogs
Character: Aiden Pierce
Product: Aiden Pierce coat
Category: Cosplay
Including: Coat

Material: PU
Color: As Shown
Watch Dogs is a new action & adventure game developed by Ubisoft. The main character is Aiden Pearce, a hacker who can break into computer systems which tied to the CtOS.And there are many other dangerous “friends” to make, like Clara Lille,Jordi Chin,Jordi Chin and so on.

aiden pearce cosplay

“Watchdog” ubisoft is 2014 aaa blockbuster, this USES the open world sandbox game, the game tells a fascinating story, the open world of adventure games took place in Chicago, then the computer has been put in almost all of the items, in the whole city was dependent on them. Players to play Aiden, Pearce, this is a master of hacking, so he decided to use their own strength to punish the corrupt of the whole city, putting the punishing. Game with extremely high degree of freedom, good quality and rich game content was hailed as the unlock the doors of next generation gaming industry. According to the latest news, “watchdog” will go on sale on May 27, 2014.

As the follow Watch Dogs mask:

watch dogs mask

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