Bane Mask Fat Diary of Batman the Dark Knight Rise

Bane Mask Fat Diary of Batman the Dark Knight Rise

“The film until the end no eggs, ladies and gentlemen, please don’t wait!” Even if peace cinema staff repeatedly cried several times over, but look around and found that most people, myself included, still sitting before the large-format, linger. I want to say, this batman trilogy, can come to Nolan, is really good. Nolan’s cake game: the film, a series of end, integrate all the left front two clues, still have to plug in classic role of helping to bedding comic, its information content is super great. Rao, Nolan was still, in the 164 minutes without any logical mistakes, also contribute a continuity of the perfect ending, Ruth capability, teach fans how can refuse to obey! Remember that year, since memory fragments of jigsaw puzzle, I was irrevocably in love with Nolan’s narrative logic. Advance together the same three or four lines of multi-line narrative, Nolan reformed the traditional style that long, test the memory’s ills, cut pieces more fragile, cross more frequently, trying to provide a more comfortable experience. Of course, if can only do this, that he is not a great god, and will not be worthy of our worship. Nolan is amazing, is that his hopeless obsessive-compulsive disorder: refuse to waste! Line, or a prop, even a small action, in his hands, or before and after the echo, or series, show or bedding, can have the meaning of our existence. That is why in the theater, will often hear an audience turned out to be like this, because Nolan like make full use of all the things in the film, while digging holes and filling holes. The best bye the way, when the distribution of elements, it is perfect! Every time I just follow his narrative, regardless of the amount of information will have how old, I it is difficult to forget any of the clue (his narrative is able to help us remember!) , thus standing with his script, into one g-spot, eventually’s own homage in his last hole of the elaborate art creation enthusiasm = = + will be implemented to every detail, in every frame of the recording with the audience’s viewing experience as a top priority, this is what Nolan is amazing, we are obsessed with the biggest reason he = = +

Deep metaphor script: eight years of happiness, low crime rate didn’t return expected neutron bomb + siege for months but not flow to solve the crisis of government sent jack jack Bauer. Some netizens commented that this is a writer of fiction, Nolan’s mistake, I can only say that IQ and social experience is very important to a person really, no point of experience before you still don’t make grade to literally fart or black and white as well. Like to play RPG friends will often hear a word, is called a light, there is darkness. What is the dark for Gotham city? Of course is batman hit three crime! They produce the reason is very simple, basic it is not light, only to fall for the dragons of evil. And what is the nature of evil? Is class, is the capital, is the unfair distribution of power and resources! So finally the TDK batman sacrifice, only the pawn to pieces, but not to the whole city real rebirth, it is because he was still cannot see through hidden behind the real chaotic source in Gotham city! God horse to eliminate crime, purify the city, all have no! The power of the capitalists and the so-called democratic system defects to the exploitation and exploited by the endless, is to look for sin, is the only right object the batman should go to struggle! As to the practice of the United States government, a better understanding, that is bureaucracy! Jack jack Bauer is the flow of a full insurance? Of course not! That one thousand make uncertain, the neutron bomb has exploded, responsibility who will bear? Votes are needed to maintain the political status of politicians, of course, is not willing to bear! So at the beginning of this event since there are only two results: one is the terrorists themselves to give up, happy; 2 it is to point the neutron bomb explodes oneself, with the U.S. military and government do not have what to do, the politicians to intelligence control, up the whole into a national mourning days, it’s a knot. See the illustration of the 24 jack jack Bauer countless times in violation of the above command out to save people, everybody understand it already with god horse, politicians and capitalists are birds of a feather, the welfare of the people in their eyes is the dirt, is all some of earning their own selfish brute! Then the revolution, the Nolan scold is more obvious. The Bane of the uprising, it is the counterpart of the countless times in the history of regime change, is a minority in order to satisfy their own interests and encourage the masses trick. And batman take Gotham city police revolution, is the real in order to save the people, to overthrow the minority extremist centralization is the real “revolution”! To tell the truth I think Nolan this script is a bit close, far not said recently, considering both Libya and Syria behind, Nolan is not equal to scold warlords while the U.S. government, is also a warlord!) To scold together into yao (NND I again want to exclamation m GDZJ is enlightened enough)! Music scored numerous: the film’s soundtrack truly invincible! Since opening Dr Bane to grasp, I’ll never stop shock! That like attack horn drums and majestic magnificent picture, with the excellent effect of the IMax, as if the chair is shake up, I fight with countless times as batman from death row deep blood “rise”, appeal that is absolutely first-class!

Future infinite possibility: Robin into the pit, catwoman, batman himself for the future of infinite battle ready mentally and technologically. Unfortunately filmed a prequel, Nolan said quit… So the so-called “infinite”, and more is a kind of helpless feeling… Because Nolan the prequel of the high level of a few is a monument, will endure forever, personally, I even can’t imagine what form or else could you do better to batman to shoot! Audience Ruth, director, asked to take over of, others how great pressure? ! I only hope now, I will only a great god, and after the supervision superman (director is also a great god, schneider SAMA!) After, can come to their senses, let me continue to witness, the bloody battle of asylum, the lament of vertebrae, game, between the self and the succession of the second generation of = = + film only problem: a villain, I believe that no one would object to. Heath ledger is to the clown, I’m afraid I have to be after without successors, Bane is better than he is poor, also is very normal things. So no matter how the shadow warrior league again, and again how, again how revolution, even really blow up the neutron bomb, and also not the clown in cash when burning, the shocking vision, and the distortion of amorous feelings = = + acting talent, can not find. Wondering Nolan this batch of idiomatic actor, also only leonardo, which surely die, to have enough consciousness, the courage to challenge the heath ledger… Write full text, suddenly found that detail is a little problem. Miranda that come away with me, what is true or false by heart? Imagine their guardians have been mercilessly kick his legacy, how will she take to carry out his father’s commandment? Especially the work or crash and burn, no way the kamikaze mission! There, not really HuaLiYouHua (must turn comic glanced at!) , or even the occasional lost a great god also made the mistakes about digging holes don’t fill??

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