Bane Mask Sale I personally for TDKR box-office reputation high prediction

Bane Mask Sale I personally for TDKR box-office reputation high prediction

Given Nolan version of batman’s consistent good quality and Nolan comrade, the growth of global influence and appeal, personal for TDKR north American and global box office prospects and prospects on word-of-mouth high-profile and low-key forecast, only for reference, discuss, and entertainment, you don’t have to take it seriously, all the real data to the data provided after July 19 2012. The first word of mouth. Because the TDKR is the final chapter, will collect all the open wire and hidden line in the front two, will be the work of epic in the story, and the ultimate TDKR trailer indirectly proves this point; Then on the big scene fight scenes, we have been able to and many set as previously leaked from the trailer, the movie don’t look at IMAX version, even from IMAX film version will be a pity. Since last year, 7 under the living example, in the final chapter of the series, as long as the story is perfect, perfect ending, high evaluation is necessary, moreover TDKR must win 7 a lot, individual predictions, TDKR scores before and after the release of rotten tomatoes will be 99% or even higher, MTC score should be above 85 points or 90 points, fans IMDB score should be released immediately after the top three, even once ranked first. Like I said in another thread, TDKR is set in two years pampered, extremely high attention, and looking forward to the high reputation of the media and the audience, the box office don’t think it’s impossible to sell.

Here I give my personal related prediction about TDKR box office, divided into high and low two levels, ha ha, say first in North America, TDKR may be expected to in North America to the highest in the history of the pavilion for painting, at least in the more than 4500 theaters open picture; Midnight will open in theaters more than 3500 paintings, which contains nearly 400 IMAX theaters (the number of IMAX theaters in North America I forget, should be at least 275 IMAX digital cinema and 70 IMAX film theater), my personal prediction of midnight is the lowest $45 million, up to $70 million, to break the ha 7 under the midnight record; Then Friday to Sunday (excluding a midnight), because “the avengers” has broken the previous three days of all history, TDKR will want to break the record, I’m afraid some difficulty, mainly because of TDKR without 3 d plugin, so my personal prediction is a minimum of $145 million, the highest is the $200 million for two three days record (only $10 million higher than the avengers, I personally think that this is likely to be close to upper limit, but who knows?) ; So in the final comprehensive prediction is: the lowest $190 million opening weekend in North America (low), up to $270 million (high). Then TDKR in North America in the long term is inevitable, it’s supposed to be the first final at the box office weeks scores between 2.5 times to 3.5 times, and then to predict is the lowest 550 million (low), up to 850 million (high-profile broke records the history of the avatar). Overseas box office is hard to say, only say total, a minimum of $650 million, the highest it’s hard to tell, I hope I can to more than $1 billion, or even more, but I know these are just my current extravagant hopes. Finally said that China, for TDKR in China are looking forward to, my wish is very simple, it is good to introduce, for box office to break the zero. Ok, this is my prediction, we can discuss the rational, not like do not spray, not to make personal attacks. thank you

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