Bane Mask Sale: Beauty Miranda Tate is Nolan River’s Lake East Don’t Hurt

Bane Mask Sale: Beauty Miranda Tate is Nolan River’s Lake East Don’t Hurt

(new king Nolan batman the dark knight rise is Hollywood’s third) article abstract: Miranda Tate as tsui hark film in the east don’t hurt, though roughly, martial arts beautiful, beautiful one like you, why let rival to cause oneself fall into cliff, in the ultimate battle make life-long inheritance evaporate? After all, is “love”. Body: when friends see the dark knight rise, often the cold-blooded strong man — bane as the final boss, this is not the case, I stay up late in the wanda imax exhibition hall after, think the villain of the film must be number one is ripe female Miranda Tate. (with an angel face, devil wisdom Miranda Tate) my judgment based on the following three reasons: 1, the great different status. Miranda was chief shadow fighters only daughter, is the third world countries a dictatorship general’s granddaughter, is a huge wealth of investor (even large American builders snaked through unceasingly); And bane just a grew up in the dark prison, lack of culture education, to use violence and cruelty of murderous savages. This identity gap, Miranda conditional become big boss behind the scenes, and bane thugs leader can only be executed big boss orders.

(Bane is a fighting capacity strong macho man, nothing more) 2, education, the gap between knowledge and wisdom. Bane is to do every day in prison fights, freed when the adult, it’s hard to learn the knowledge of modern civilization. And Miranda childhood by his father with the purpose of training, not only learned how to manage a large organization, also learned to a variety of means of capital market (sent his invasion of exchange, and then use catwoman stolen Wayne fingerprints, and must be losses of financial derivatives trading instructions, Wayne group losses, the board of directors of the angry nature to Bruce Wayne kicked out), more rare is, Miranda proficient in psychology, and religion, have the following three examples to prove: the use of Bane’s love for her, she drives the die-hard hard; To implant under some kind of religious belief (as islamist sect to the national spirit of implanted fanatical religious terrorism), make their death (Bane’s murderous will only lead to fear and betrayal, not sacrifice); The ultimate goal of “purification” of her plan, is to the song (in fact, the New York) Gotham people into che guevara genes, thus fundamentally defeat the corruption of the capital class. (Miranda Tate of the house of the shining eyes of religious wisdom) 3, put batman in prison was the idea of Miranda, Bane is a practitioner. Detailed analysis of this point, I’ll tell behind it. Above proves that TDKR villain is pretty sexy MirandaTate, here I want to take her and the clown, and see who is the highest. 1, the crime objective comparative analysis. The clown’s purpose is to create chaos and fear, he was to destroy the people of faith for the purpose. Citizens to believe in justice, for example, and this kind of emotion is tied to a particular person, clown will use various means destroying the moral bottom line, make its make all sorts of monstrous big mistake, eventually reverse the trust and rely on people to justice. Again, for example, batman vowed not to kill, the clown will use the most despicable means, forcing him to make a killing a bloody thing. Once these heroes violated their bottom line, so they had seemingly unbreakable faith it will collapse, eventually into a chaotic situation, unfortunately, Harvey Dent to yield to hatred, become a regret, and batman to resist the temptation of the original sin, become a real hero.

(joker) represents the fear and chaos Miranda Tate’s purpose is to purify the greed and corruption in the United States, to establish “equality” “shadow wu alliance”. She is – violent Revolution: using the neutron bomb the U.S. government cannot intervene song of Gotham’s internal affairs; The release of prisoners, for the evil plans to add powerhouse; Open court, “justice” in the name of the people for all the appearance of capitalists, officials sentenced to death penalty (exile is the death penalty); Gives lower-middle-class people the right to legal robbery, proud to let them into something for nothing, trample the noble people of extreme pleasure (which is not to the show, the officials, the rich beautiful wife, beautiful daughters, certainly not escape the tragic fate of the abuse). Miranda Tate’s ultimate goal is not to blow up the song tan city, but it’s ten million people into “wu alliance’s faith” seeds, for the time is right, then to allow them to leave, so that the faith of “shadow wu alliance” spark lit the entire United States. A little less so now, Miranda will be able to do even the matter of the many great men have failed to make it. (the great man said: “comrade, counting on you!”) in conclusion, the clown was a follower of satan, and servants, his criminal purpose is to destroy the human to the true sense of trust; And Miranda is revolutionary, the criminal purpose is to allow the United States and even the entire western world to the “absolute equality” route “shadow wu faith”. The criminal purpose no rival. (in full score 10 points, each 10) 2, influence analysis. Clown like the hands-on, and often hire spirit is not normal, plus his kick down the ladder type behavior (people who work as clowns all betrayed by him or kill), make its influence can only be limited to one city (alone, he can scare away the song tan city citizens but not overturn the entire United States). (the Joker is a philosophy of fighting capacity of the swordsman, but how much a person and can kill the enemy?) Like strings and Miranda Tate, on the basis of their control to wealth, cultivate their faithful corps, in under gold pioneer Bane, realize their political ambition. Because there is a huge human and financial support, Miranda Tate’s influence to expand to the whole of the United States and around the world.

(Miranda Tate is strong military manipulator, is real female warlords, her troops to destroy all is in the way!) Clowns like on TV, through a variety of public performance of crime, let oneself become grandstanding “crime” artist; But Miranda implicit but not hair, let her take as the favorable terrain, if the revolution plan failed, she can also continue to when her female capitalists, so as to have the opportunity to plan the next action, if the revolution plan succeeded, she can complete the ideal at the same time be a revolution in the United States after a new leader, the chairman of the “new America”! In conclusion, from the point of influence, Miranda clown too much. (out of ten, a clown playing five points, Miranda playing 10) 3, two people blow to batman. Clown killed batman’s devotion, Dent, destroyed the batman’s loyal Allies to batman, but the clown finally didn’t also can know the true identity of batman, also do not understand the real batman backer – Wayne company, so before Wayne company research and development of high-tech weapons, the clown is devastated (clown until caught, didn’t know that batman has the most powerful monitoring tracking system). And Miranda Tate with information advantage (i.e., know the identity of the batman), step-by-step, the use of capital market really depend on the rules of the game that destroyed the batman – wealth, maneuver took the batman’s core foundations, Wayne, and physically routed the batman, but also with batman the chance of a comeback, going to let him get the most desperate results in the moment of victory. Most of all, according to the plan of Miranda, if “revolution” plan is not successful, it will kill millions with Wayne products, if successful, this plan will definitely make batman forever live in remorse and guilt (to Miranda’s wisdom and resources, can use more convenient method to obtain nuclear warheads, why must spend so much time, money and energy to get Wayne nuclear weapons? The answer is that she wants to completely destroy the batman) from the heart. (Joker and Miranda Tate, who hurt biggest to batman?) Some people say that make the batman sad clown, and Miranda let batman injury body, thus the former injury force is bigger, I would say such a judgment is inappropriate, because the clown was longer than Miranda, thus has enough opportunity to first step to kill Rachel, so I’m planing to Rachel’s death blow. In conclusion, the clown to batman biggest hit does not make the Dent backpedaled, while Miranda was completely thorough blow to batman, so the latter score significantly higher than the former. (in full score 10 points, clown play eight points, Miranda playing 10) 4, Miranda as a clown. Clown is the most severe is heartless, Miranda and a great politician thinking but can’t do this, she had a slip between the cup and the lip! Because a little-known fact that she fell in love with Bruce Wayne, destroy her father fell in love with this black

(unfortunately, such love can only deeply hiding in their heart, as a wise man says, every woman’s heart is the collection of secret ocean blue.) The clever woman always before the target to conduct due diligence, so she knows deep he have done, for the people of song tan city deeply understand his heart pain, Miranda moved by batman’s heroic feelings completely, so she before military action against batman, selection and the love of man is meant to be together can’t celebrate the evening, she has won Wayne control of the company, also the secret of nuclear weapons, there is no need to go to win the trust with color.) To leave a memorable memories and two people in the future combination of crystallization (the author bold judgment bats Miranda got pregnant with the child). (Miranda Tate want to leave a child for batman, to as a memorial to their love of injustice.) Put batman in the prison and her idea, “let the destruction of the batman see Gotham” is just an excuse, it only to reassure Bane. She hasn’t made up his mind to kill this let her guts but loved man has to meet stinging pain. (Miranda Tate’s love for batman hard, give up above the beauty’s eyes aptly expressed the feelings) so she give batman the opportunity to turn over to arrange the doctor to cure him, looking for the elderly to batman cheer, allowing the batman exercise through trial, send thousands of policemen sent to eat drink, not the chief of police and so on through the net driven; Eventually, she learned about love in batman escaped from the prison, prison authorities will surely call her), to song completed his mission, Gotham was idea, and her love for a lifetime and enemies perish together, so the body with a knife stab her lover, after the explosion button (yi? Why didn’t fry?) .

(Miranda’s love for Bruce Wayne, even as the bleeding of fresh roses) Bane later heard Miranda command, going to strangle batman in advance, because of his jealousy. Miranda going to perform the best plan A (not detonate, seeds implanted revolutionary spirit, M and B become husband and wife), but seeing batman, irrational she actually perform the very plan B (detonated the bomb and destroy the richest city in the United States, also the destruction of their own life), bane understood everything, love the green-eyed monster made him for the first time violates the Miranda’s instruction. Because of love, so let Miranda weakness, that she is inferior to the clown, and so on the heartless, I give a clown to play 10 points, Miranda playing five points. Project name clown notch Miranda scores criminal purpose 1010 influence 510 hit 810 as rude degrees of batman in 105 a total of 3335, Miranda scored 35 points, higher than that of the clown’s 33 points, the first villain so Miranda is well-deserved. (let you fighting skill day first, but also managed the sweetness of love) Miranda Tate as tsui hark film in the east don’t hurt, though roughly, martial arts beautiful, beautiful one like you, why in the ultimate battle fall into cliff, make I inheritance evaporate? After all, is “love”. The more the more human female junjie, the heart is lonely, once encounter the decoration man in life, then send the dark, if heaven injustice, life and death between the two men, even though she has thousand means, can’t escape from the hell of love hatred. Love lovely and hate erosion bone, deep meaning, such as the sun warm sunshine, rancour as winter winds blowing ice, in the love hate hell, half of glaciers, half is flame, what kind of person, put into this, will turn into fantasy film. Days is jealous, jealous of person of outstanding ability, crisis often highly lovesickness suffering, a word can jian: tianya old hatred, alone never ask. Meet the ileum, broken gold furnace seal script. Diane moth the folding of the long, the east wind is not fair. Trapped against dangerous, feihong, want every word to its end. Love and ambition, the two can not compatible. Love is not, even if the emperor robe with body, pack proffering flaming, home a lot, wearing jade wear drill, tasteless, taking with him, do a pair of fisherman’s ghost yuanyang, is undoubtedly the best and most helpless choice… . (Miranda Tate close-up, she is brave, wisdom and pride, beautiful days JiaoNv.)

River lake god Nolan to the end of the light, have to let Miranda Tate alone to leave. I think he should add such a story: he had a serious accident of Miranda Bruce looked down the bats flying vehicles, light fondle abdomen, sadly said: “he grew up, also can be a great hero…” Want to ask what, Bruce Wayne, but Miranda had fallen asleep, like a she lie in her mother warm arms of the naughty little girl, so serene. Bruce Wayne really go bankrupt? The answer is – not necessarily. Because let Wayne company lose money futures trading is a criminal action, as long as Bruce Wayne’s appeal, after a court found, although not a defense against a third person in good faith, but you can get compensation from the property of Miranda. (I don’t know the laws of the United States, and my judgment is based on according to the property law of the People’s Republic of China, namely transaction if one party is not informed, the deal still to for success. The plaintiff’s loss, will be for the defendant claims Miranda.) Master duration, the regulations are a winning, don’t view and admire a gender, thus the largely; And tokenistic gesture players, because all over the sky fly legs, desperate and, instead, won a standing ovation. Smart politicians are often a low profile, would never be bubble stars, sports cars, entertainment magazine “xx inter-province shifts. If the last question, batman know personally killed their unborn child, the fact that will collapse? In order not to let the Mtime difficult, a lot of words can’t write in the article, hope friends understand. On September 7, new: a tall person and I was “the end of movie, Bruce Wayne how many remaining property” the topic of conversation. A: there is A problem, if is an impostor, carry out financial futures trading losses, is measured by the property law? Me: I’m just the inside of the use of the property law provisions to prove that Bruce Wayne can use legal means to recover losses. This financial case, I’m afraid not suitable in our country, in accordance with the humble opinion, the financial fraud case judgment in our country, is likely to be convicted of intentionally destroy public or private property. A: I’m afraid this proof is difficult, if not prove that financial instructions issued Miranda, certainly can’t get compensation. I: is not hard to proof. Principle is established according to the securities trading in our country, namely, in addition to securities brokerage, proprietary departments of other investors to complete the transaction in the stock market, must pass all the seats in trading of securities broker to execute orders. Bane after killing the trader, taking advantage of his identity under the eyes of the trading instructions, so just find out the time of death of traders and orders issued by the time, and provide Wayne himself without using the network, telephone and fax entrust trading that can verify orders are fake. Then through the court’s decision to freeze the assets of Miranda, win compensation. A: even if the court ruled, I’m afraid the opportunity to gain substantial compensation are also small, Miranda to too many people are losing money. I: may, after all, Miranda to song tan city.

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