Bane Mask Sale: Out of the Darkness of the Batman and Entered the Dead Cartoon Movie

Bane Mask Sale: Out of the Darkness of the Batman and Entered the Dead Cartoon Movie

If at the end of the dark knight rises to more “Nolan” is not that old, if it can like inception leave room for a speculation, not very obvious, if the end the end of the sequence in Florence Alfred if gains and doubts of vision, perhaps will not bring how many quality for the whole movie, but at least we will be on it’s enough to hang down the history of three-part series of more than a few minutes of respect and remembrance. No “follow”, therefore, the sort of close game fun, don’t have that “memory fragments” fascinating deep, there is no “inception” that can cause the mystery of heated debate, the dark knight rises only touched and shocked for the audience. It is neither Nolan best work, also hard to say is the most perfect batman movie, can only say that 08 a brilliant after orgasm in the end, thick and long.

Film begins with “two-face” Harvey dent sudden death eight years later, in “sin city” earth-shaking changes have taken place in Gotham, gangs had been the dent act to eliminate, and batman is up to wash his seclusion Howard hughes. As people revel in the unprecedented peace and comfort, the concentration of villain, bain planning new attacks against Gotham is a work in progress. After that, the sexy catwoman, intelligent patrol, mysterious black philanthropist Miranda, Wayne enterprises competition gheit, there is also a weapon can be converted into the new energy technology, a revealing the true confession book dent and a unique design of the dungeon, many new faces, new elements staggered into the revenge story of a minister, more than 160 minutes, each main line, manbo undercurrent to converge to the two sides is a good and evil “age” in the style of – duels. Finally, the nature is to woo leather motorcycle girl side win more…

There is no denying the fact that the dark knight rises is a quite exciting film, Hans zimmer bold soundtrack, realistic sound effects and images of large section of the IMAX specification, give the film a reigns for aggressiveness. Really make batman prequel series, however, very different with other comic films, is the best script and the darkness of the realistic style: when the protagonist of the same kind of film is also working with alien creatures, scientific monster crazy battle, Christopher Nolan and screenwriter David yeah, Jonathan Nolan has high looking terrorism, class contradictions, human madness and violence. And this time, they opted for a different and “the dark knight”, added more of alluding to reality, historical events, as of right and wrong, good and evil before less consideration – if faith cannot protect a loved one, whether it is worth to follow? If justice means by hook or by crook, and whether it is worth to defend? In a sense, “the dark knight” in the two unexploded ferry is far better than the movie final ported fable; The batman would rather be cause to uphold the decision of having fruit, dent than he in the film “with a bullet dived” move more tragic. The night is belong to the color of the batman, the day let him appear weak and out of place.

For a superhero movie villain often determines the quality of the film’s level. Although be weird mask of facial expression, bain star Tom hardy still with eye contact, tone, strong muscle and have the wind of the king’s body language, excellent shape this nightmare. But in bain, I am interested in gathering, the film suddenly reveals to the audience was mastermind another man? Aren’t those amazing crimes he only in obedience? Yes, a clown is a madman, but he is also a to evil, and do bad solution, the master for the deep theory on “shadow” bain ZongYi is how to understand? What he did is just because of love? Then plot, unfortunately, did not do to these problems, this paper explores the opposition but gave so powerful a weak ending, let it become a simple thugs with puppets.

Although never is the center of gravity of the batman prequel series action scenes, but as a comic book action movie, the excellence of the fighting scenes of the film has a close relationship with the watch. The dark knight rises in battle are affected, scattered, lack of strength, especially bain and batman last decisive battle, they can is a blow up Gotham stadium, stage a “high shock” killers, a chivalrous man is to have a variety of high-tech weapons, they for the “shadow” and under the special skills of the ninja, but compete were primary school students in a fight. Instead, naive plot, by contrast, seems to be comfortable “avengers alliance”.

Nolan’s film is never lack of the cast of stars, the question is how to show the strength of these stars: the audience is not in the do our best to keep up with the development of the story, is the frequent multi-line with make overwhelmed, it’s hard to really notice the actor’s performance. In the dark knight rises, batman’s playing time decreased significantly, the proportion of Bruce Wayne scenes, gave Christian bale Spaces of more put to good use. Anne hathaway still plays her role in most of the movie — Anne hathaway, don’t know what is this style or shackles; Marion cotillard almost film in the “latent”, when she finally had a chance to exhibit at the end of elegant appearance, followed by is more eye-catching car chase; In addition to the unparalleled Tom hardy, Joseph Gordon levitt is the most brilliant film star, he plays the blood policeman Blake is seldom fight, but so have the chance of a long show show exquisite, emotion; While Gary oldman, Michael caine, Morgan freeman several old play bone is still in the “flash” to create a miracle. As you can see, all the actors are very hard, they did not find heath ledger the likes of jing is colourful.

In the 21st century, the innovation of science and technology make comic book movie boom has emerged, since 2000, Hollywood has produced numerous dressed in clothes “spiderman” and “” the box office. Beautiful in many special effects and plot of low-level comic book movie, 08 “the dark knight” is worthy of the peak, it is not only great influence on the later similar film, also to the world that cartoon movies can also carry the theme of the darkness, serious. Film company will not, of course, there are a lot of money does not make, wait for the other one “god” from the sky, the lack of a good script had to work in other ways, such as pay big money to make the special effects, star, please. Investment cost is higher, the smaller producers of courage, fear that the movie is not public taste and lose money. Then, director also had to conform, according to the previous mode of “hit” routines, innovation breakthrough opportunities. Audience bombarded computer special effects, on the other hand, whetting the appetite, also hard to eat bread at a lower cost, which prompted the film company increasing proportion of special effects and action scenes, further squeezing grinding energy and funds needed for the script and character. “Circle” on the form. Perhaps in the future, people will like today we poking fun at the chedi cowboy teasing these childish super hero. Is the rise of the batman, is about to collapse is a cartoon movie world. If Nolan team cannot achieve self-transcendence, perhaps this kind of movie golden age really has gone.

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