Bane Mask sale: The First Post After the Restart Batman: the War of Silence

Bane Mask sale: The First Post After the Restart Batman: the War of Silence

Six years ago today the Batman Begin, so Batman “reset” to the time, today I also want to time the “reset” (when I fall down after 48 hours of time difference, I don’t know what I want to express. “Reset” in a word, I, from my previous boring localization of the batman begins.

The war of silence is I bought it off the plane after (I very want to say first) N comic, is Jim Lee masterpiece, though as a detective comics, the plot somewhat contradictory in some places, so that the back of the batman comic book, for example “under the hood” for its repair hole…). , but great humorous, Jim Lee quite pay attention to details, so that the war of silence is quite gorgeous, and I think this kind of style is more easily accepted by the general like the flood of Chinese youth. As I “reset” the second step, I’m ready for starting the war of silence localization “batman” series, of course, I usually insist on not bottom go to, so don’t hope too much… NOW, I difference YOUTHE ONE AND ONLY — – — < HUSH >! The first chapter.

Halloween is coming, halloween mask and costume, choice star lord mask and groot mask is your best choice!

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