Bane Mask Voice Changer is Available!

Bane mask voice changer is available now! As the bane mask market are hot, we have release a bane mask with voice changer. It is update version.

Bane mask voice changer with high level latex material and detachable voice changer to make.

And this voice changer is attached to Bane mask. This one with full adult size, flexible design makes you feel comfortable. Our Bane mask voice changer increase mouth space and holes for good to breathe, what a humanized detail design.

Let’s talk about the appearance; we use 3D technology new appearance to make, more like Bane.

New paint technology also makes Bane mask voice changer deluxe articulation and perfect.

Wearing the bane voice changing mask, you will look and sound like Bane.

bane mask voice changer

bane mask voice changer

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