Bane Mask with Voice Changer/Modulator

bane mask voice change

buy Bane mask with voice changeClick above bane voice mask picture, Buy Now! (Credit Card or Paypal Accepted)

• High level latex material and detachable voice changer

• Batteries not included (1 9V Battery)

• Voice changer is attached to Bane mask

• Full adult size, flexible design

• Increase mouth space

• Increase holes, good to breath, humanized detail design

• 3D technology new appearance, more like Bane

• New paint technology, deluxe articulation & perfect

• Support customizes painting

Wear the bane voice changing mask, Look and Sound Like Bane.

Get ready to bring an end to the reign of the Dark Knight when you slip on the Batman The Dark Knight Rises Bane costume mask.

You can click the below pictures to get bane jackets and bane full suit costumes.


Bane Full Suit Costumebane coatBatman Joker Full Suit Cosplay Costumejoker jacketBane cosplay

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