Batman Christian Bale will star in the movie ” Everest “

According to foreign media reports, in the farewell ” Batman ” who fought the villain Bane with Bane mask in the latest season, Christian Bale will go to climb the highest peak in the world —  Everest , of course, is not true, but to shoot a movie called ” Everest ” movie. It is reported, the film describes the 1996 May one Mount Everest mountaineering activities, 8 climbers killed the real tragedy story.

In May 11, 1996, two commercial mountaineering team trying to punch the top of Mount Everest, in order to compete with each other, ignoring the approaching storm killed them, results on the way down the mountain, 8 people were killed, only to advance down the mountain with the group ‘s Jon Krakauer and a few people survived, after Jon Krakauer wrote a book called “Into Thin Air “, reviewed the history of Mount Everest climbing the disastrous event.

The film ” Everest ” is the story of the disaster, but not according to ” into thin air ” a book. The film will be shot by Baltasar Kormakur director, Universal Pictures and Working Title investment.

Although the name, but the Christian film starring Bale and Tom Hardy starred in “Everest”  and irrelevant, the latter by “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” director Doug Liman  directed, tells the story of the British mountaineer George Mallory three climb Mount Everest trying to get ” the summit of Mount Everest the first person” the title of the story.

bane mask

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