Batman Cosplay Costumes Are Popular Now

As the popular of the Batman movies, the Batman Cosplay Costumes are loved by many Batman fans. As a Batman fan, I think the Batman trilogies directed by Nolan are the greatest movies I have seen.

Batman Bane cosplay costumes

There are many great factors in the three movies. The scenes are real, and the action scenes are cool. Though the entire three movies are full of the action scenes, the Batman fans could pay their attention to the movie plots. Except the action scenes, the props are very awesome, such as the Batman chariot, Batman locomotives and the Batman fighters.

In Batman: The Dark Knight Rises, there is one villain called Bane we should not forget. He is the most important enemy of Batman. Bane is not handsome, but he is very clever. What he has done are in his hands.

As the popular of the movie, the Bane has attracted a lot of fans. In many cosplay parties, we could see the people wear the Bane cosplay costumes and the Bane mask to cosplay him, which looks cool.

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