Batman: The Dark Knght Rises Justice to Create Charm

As a goddess watching movies together, “Batman: The Dark Knight Rise” Obviously in my memory will be to form an almost beautiful. Although this number is nothing pure Cock wire mentality associated with the movie itself, but in a way, for example, the length of time of the film, the soundtrack aspects of the film, or solid for me to create a lot of opportunities to form a wonderful memory.

Batman Bane mask

Wayne reason can be seen as god-like heroes, not from what he he has super abilities. As previously mentioned, he fights is also not particularly powerful, but still be able to, when accompanied by a mushroom cloud rising up in the final movie theme music, can deeply shocked to every slight sense of justice of the people. The longer a handful of beard from time to time why ordinary people can be seen as God, like a hero, comes from the kind of justice he was duty-bound to awe-inspiring, from his love for the general public, from him for the chaos the world has shown a deep sense of responsibility!

Justice in our increasingly numb life seems to have become somewhat fresh and mixed with some kind of inexplicable humor amusing, this is the era of sorrow lies. It is quite frustrating is that people nowadays would rather rely on a variety of street piracy success of Chicken Soup and a variety of networks to shape their own temperament to rest, but also do not want to start doing some solid things. As everyone knows, are put into action for justice, is to create the best way to charm and temperament. As “Batman: The Dark Knight Rise”, as if the roles were reversed with Bane Wayne on Bane with the Bane mask looks vicious Wayne for doing justice by doing things to justice mission, then there is an undoubted phenomenon will be everyone will love this arm round guy, even if he was wearing a mask like underwear. As previously described, Wayne this godlike hero image, the reason is that people love, not from his stand on the top of the tower is wearing a cape flapping in the wind how handsome, is not he drove to see up endless cool motorcycle cool, but his heart is full of longing for justice and put in at the expense of the lives of the great acts of justice. In this universal values recognized by the kernel power driven, anyone can therefore be replaced glow shine incomparable charm. True source of eternal charm lies not only handsome face, strong muscles, vigorous arms, nor the luxury sports car, luxury villas, although somewhat emboldened enough, but the real charm comes from the heart forever, that comes from the heart shares pursuit of justice!

Many people not only like to cosplay Batman, but also like to cosplay Bane. By the way, the Watch Dogs cosplay is very hot now, many people like the Watch Dogs mask very much.

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