Batman The Dark Knight Rises Batman Cosplay Costumes

Batman The Dark Knight Rises Batman Cosplay Costumes
Bane is one of the most powerful enemies of Batman; and he is one of the 100 villains in the history of IGN comic, why? Because he had broken through Batman’s spine!

Bane with the Bane Full Suit Costume grew up in the prison called Peña Duro, he read many good books, and in that cruel prison conditions, increasing of his fighting skills. He learned the knowledge from prison chaplain, many years later, he killed him personally. He even claimed that his first murder was eight years old when he strangled a prisoner.

bane full cosplay costumesWhile in prison, Bane was ready with a teddy bear, he called it OSITO, and regarded it as his only friend. Indeed, Winnie stomach possession of a knife, Bane ready to deal with his bully him …… eventually he became the king of Peña Duro prison. Later, prison authorities forced him to participate in the trial; he was injected with a steroid called venom -like drugs. All guinea pigs are dead, insisted only Bane survived, and get a super power. But he must be injected once every 12 hours for this drug, otherwise he will have asthenia. His shot approach is the medication through a tube, injected directly into the brain.

Bane and his five buddies later escaped from prison together came to the song Gotham City. Chose here, because here and in prison, like fear rule everything, but here is the fear of criminals Batman. So he has to defeat Batman, who is wearing the Batman outfits. However, Bane felt no chance of winning Batman if he directed attack Batman, so he destroyed the walls of Arkham prison, let go of all the nefarious prisoners, including Joker, Scarecrow, Mad Hatter, Penguin, among others. Batman spent three months to re- arrested them, and then Batman eventually got tired. In Batman returned home ground, Bane ambush there. Batman and Bane struggled with each other in Batman’s battle. Finally Bane broke Batman’s back vertebrae, which led to Batman paralysis. This is the famous “Brokeback war.”

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