Batman The Dark Knight Rises has the Essence of Heroism

Seven years ago, the young Christopher Nolan let the superhero frozen for years Batman went into the movie again and has won wide praise. The gold film critic Roger Ebert have lamented, I never imagined that it can play Batman. Four years ago, Nolan brings The Dark Knight and the Joker Heath Ledger rapidly sweeping around the world. He earned $1 billion. Today, the British talent has built a hero and brings it back! Fans around the world are highly anticipated.

Yes, it looks like so crazy. So many people cannot understand why a comic would be so appealing to the fans’ heart. The reason is simple, Batman The Dark Knight Rises is no longer a cartoon characters, but truly become a real and ordinary heroes! He also is made of flesh and blood, a person with feelings. Nolan’s Batman trilogy has not deviated from the theme is “the essence of heroism”. The first is to write a teenager how to overcome the fear becomes a warrior; second is how to tell a guardian of justice at the time of distress and highlight the great sacrifice themselves. So this time the finale, Nolan must complete the final and most difficult task.

I watched the film; I can tell everyone confidently, Nolan hands on a satisfactory answer. Maybe it is the best of the trilogy, but I am sure this is a most ambitious and a heroic epic.

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