Batman Villains Bane with the Bane Coat and Joker with the Joker costume

In the Batman movies, there’re two men we always want to compare, it’ Bane and Joker. Bane with the Bane Coat and Joker with the Joker costume are the great villains in the Batman movie.
bane coat joker costume
In Batman: The Dark Knight Rises, Bane is the main villain of the movie, it’s said that he is the strong enemy of Batman. He has broken the back of Batman in the film. That’s no doubt that Joker is an awesome figure in Batman: The Dark Knight, he is high IQ villain in the movie; he always makes people get in a confused.

Many people ask, who will win if Bane struggles with Joker? In fact, there’s no answer, because they are the different style people. In Joker’ mind, all the things are no rules, which we could know something about him from the Joker costume; he is good at destroying the people’s spirit world, let the people with sense of justice become the villain. Joker thinks all the people will do the wrong things if there’re some tempt before them. Bane is not a man like Joker, but he is also a horrible man. He always destroys the people’s body, but not just spirit. Both of them could bring harm to the people around them.
Batman Bane Coat jacket
Though both Bane and Joker is the big villain in the Batman movies, they gain lots of fans all over the world. Now, many fans of them will wear their cosplay costumes in the party or the fashion show. They are not only the villains, but also become the culture of Batman.

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