Batmans Fighting Style In The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight, I saw the movie was hella COOL! YOU HAVE TO WATCH IT! It’s a bit scary BUT the good, cool kind of scary. OH you’re going to look it! Trust ME.

Not from Ryan Gosling in Drive Scorpion bomber has caught our attention as a piece of outerwear on the screen. The Dark Knight Rise have fanboys apartment Bat Cave furiously poring similarities with the comic “Knightfall” story arc (where Bane Batman grabs the back), Tom Hardy, the mask-nose threats and Anne Hathaway leather catsuit, but was breaking GQ. com us back to track Bane surprising trend in sheepskin coat.

“Bane was meant to look like a cross between a dictator and a revolutionary look” Oscar-winning costume designer Lindy Hemming told us. “I designed the Bane coat itself – took a year, we have inspiration from a Swedish army jacket and a French Revolution frock coat and merged the two, it would be a pain to do, because sheepskin LA is not your kind of thing .. Not were tailors, who could work with the fabric, it’s funny. Has just finished, GQ did a feature on sheepskin coats; it looked like I had copied! ”

As for the Dark Knight himself, Bruce Wayne stepping back in Armani. “Christian Bale was in the last movie Armani again for character reasons Armani Bruce Wayne, even play a role. Fact that a wealthy man who owns a huge business and luxury brand like Armani seemed to be the right choice,” says the Hemmings. As for the bat-suit: There are very few changes the only changes that have to do with history, but I cannot tell you what it is ….”. We did not have enough problems already.

I train with people who know the man who actually trained Christian Bale for the movie and also Batman Begins. It’s kind of half martial art, half street fighting. It is very hands on fighting.

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