Christian Bale Worn Skeleton Mask

In the ” Call of duty ” before the mask even appeared in a Hollywood movie, 2005 ” extraordinary times ” one scene in Christian Bale wearing a skeleton mask, and almost the same — Ghost by wearing and now the French soldiers wearing the same.

To make a long story short, the mask ” Call of duty ” is because in reality the military is wearing the masks, and not because of something else. If France does not want to say this mask represents the electronic game, it and all sports clothes are GTA4 present as absurd. If they be very upset because a soldier wearing a decorative masks and words, that if a soldier on the battlefield of war. They worry that can prove their ” public priority” strategy failed completely.

Batman Christian Bale also worn a mask once he has his commission. In the latest Batman, he fought with villain Bane who also worn a creepy Bane mask all the time.

bane mask

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