Crazy Batman Bane

But Dr. Leong and his team went through these questions and speculation about how Bane mask was associated practices in the field of medicine today. They believe that the mask may have two components.

The first could do with the type of analgesic Bane, and how it fits into the vest. They said Bane mask strive lyophilized drug (lyophilization), which is in the bags in the jacket (see photo above) saved. Dr Leong wherein the medicament may “by means of sublimate the back of the head piece and is the gas which is directed over the head to the mask that covers the nose and mouth. Analgesic classes, a load (the morphine substance be), steroids, ketamine, nitrous oxide, or a combination of any of these analgesics. ”

The team also has an interesting theory on the tube at the back of the neck of the Bane. They said they look the pipe in terms of surgical scars Bane, the tube can be injected with a chemical poison “in the liquid that intrathecal extreme pain tolerance and the function of the possible increase in adverse effects neurological changes must explain the behavior – extreme aggression, perhaps even delusions and paranoia.‚ÄĚRemember Bane in the prologue and trailer there seems to be a bit aggressive, is not it? Such a scenario would also recognize Nolan poison aspect of comics in his film.

Finally, Dr. Leong has a good description of analgesics used in clinical practice, some of which could be used for Bane in TDKR.

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