Do You Think What is The Perfect Ending in the TDKR?

For many fans, TDK is almost perfect superhero movies, and even up to now there are a lot of friends insist that TDK is still the pinnacle of superhero movies, so the superhero movies is TDK.

Why do so many fans say that they mentioned TDK movie? More reasons which come from God and that Heath Ledger’s performance, the image of Heath Ledger plays the Joker probably already is unprecedented, and no person, and really became a film history stands a monument … forever. TDK become a superhero movie, there is another important reason is that Batman became the first one in the history of superhero movies can break through the self, self-sacrifice and the power of superhero justice, which in the past has never really had. In this two reasons TDK enough to become the greatest superhero movie…

Why the legendary film series and the perfect end is TDKR? Because not only will the entire film TDKR tone from TDK back there again Takamori city among the basic tone, and does still give us the greatest one of the most perfect ending, and in which the reality of social satire for a more intense and criticism, the first time an unprecedented financial capitalists and civilian sectors of confrontation and struggle brought to Hollywood superhero movies being. And the Dark Knight Rises Bane coat has brought us a classy piece of clothing known as ‘Bane Jacket Costume’ Worn by one of the most spiteful and horrendous villain in movie history, Bane. And if you will come to the cosplay party, the coat helps to make your way to stardom!


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