Everyone’s View of Rules Determine His Position

Fortunately, the people grow, if Bruce Wayne’s worldview invariably, he is likely to become an autistic boy. But a few years later, he began to hate externalization: the murderer who killed his parents, his hatred becomes the object of his hatred instead of remorse began to ease the pain, this is Batman later life has been black and hidden elements of the root

causes of violence, he knew, this person must pay the price, he must die. Of course, this idea is quite partial.

Dark towards the end of college life, unhappy, Bruce came to the murderer’s commutation hearing; he wanted to rely on adolescent restlessness a vent years of suffering. His consideration for doing so scanty that legal sanction, but in his eyes, they are not as good conscience for his years of torment. But this time he did not know, if we had the gun down, he will lose not only their freedom or life, more likely to be the family’s reputation. He failed, Faconi killer first, seemingly, Bruce and pleased and disappointed at the moment, on the one hand the enemy so cheaply on the dead, kill the other enemy than their own. Deep inside, he began to think of one word: Rule.

Past two terms, rules the word is most like Nolan explored in the film, clown unprincipled break the rules, Rachel zealots camel stick rules, Harvey use rules to achieve equitable, Ra’s Al Ghul ethnic cleansing ignoring the rules, of course, , as well as Batman Beyond rules to maintain rules, and set myself a minimum rule, and then do not rely on rules and rely on self-discipline to maintain it … view each person’s rules will determine his position. But it is regrettable that this line in TDKR inside broken, Thalia and Bane essentially Ra’s continuation, and Catwoman Sure is an ideal no blueprint for the little people, John Blake is Batman worldview heir, without a role proposed a new “social ideal”, which is very regrettable TDKR place. Anyway, this time Bruce thought that his family’s fate, the fate of the enemy are deeply tied to this thing called the rule of the rules so that he could not revenge, others may be rules would condone killing the witness. As TDKR inside, Gordon said on John, when the system has been corruption, impunity good to the bad guys, but the loss of freedom, the face of this confusion, Bruce confused.

I think they got good actors and what not but the Bane costume looks do stupid. Batman looks like he has a bowl on his head. Bane you can’t even understand. And catwoman looks like she bought her outfit from hot topic. As a long time batman reader I would like to know others opinion.What do you think of The Dark Night Rises character costumes?


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