How does Bane know Bruce is the Batman?

As you know, Bruce is Batman? How does Bane know Bruce is the Batman? Just from Bane mask? The answer is no.

Batman and Bane takes time, Selina Just listen to Bane Batman, who is both his real name is Bruce. And make Selina surprised. John Blake discovered that the child was a gift to the orphanage said Bruce Blake left with heavy repressed emotions. One of the reasons that Batman had appeared years later Bruce called his suspicions to his alter ego when you visit. Although Bruce has confirmed his theory, he does not deny the evidence or that Blake is actually Batman is Bruce. James Gordon is the only figure. Bruce Wayne directly (as Batman), is the alter ego of Batman reveals his identity to the act of kindness meant Gordon taught him as a child with a jacket over his shoulders after the death of their parents. Gordon remembers the incident with the child and two together, Bruce works.

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