How to Cosplay Bane

Do you know what it seems? Bane is built incredibly muscular, strong and well. In order to gain more muscle, you have to work on many things. Eat foods high in protein and low in carbohydrates. Winning research, such as bodybuilders muscle, online or in books, then try what they do.

If you have not noticed, Bane has no long hair in the film. If you soon, is too extreme for you, then just wear a hat bald.

Wear a Bane mask. Probably the greatest symbol Bane mask. You can very cheaply over the Internet, but it is better to invest in a good quality. It not only looks good, it is more comfortable to.

Wear Bane jacket is essentially a brown jacket with fleece lining.

The vest is a vest Bane load. Bane pants, cargo pants generally black or brown.

The complete outfit can be purchased relatively inexpensively over the Internet, but it’s good to invest. Not only will it look much more realistic, but also more comfortable.

Understand their behavior. Bane is safe and intentionally bad. He trusts him because he is very strong and knows you have power over nearly everyone. For instance, they trust. Speak with confidence, walk upright and act like you have the power.

As voice Bane’s voice is absolutely iconic. Wear Bane mask voice changer. Listen to his accent in the film and imitate. Or if that does not work, you can create a “Bane voice emulator” buy on the internet, so you know how to play it.

bane mask

bane mask

bane mask with voice changer

bane mask with voice changer

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