How to Draw Bane of the Dark Knight Rises

How to draw bane of the Dark knight Rises?

STEP 1 Start with a simple sketch of Bane. I confess that I sucked a tutorial on this subject when I finished, so do not make it so easy to decide.

STEP 2 Define your muscles in his arms and put Bane mask. Try to imagine how face hugger Alien movies.

STEP 3 Now take your pencil myth and magic, B, and the design of his mask. You keep your pencil sharp, and use of straight lines.

STEP 4 Add to black when attempting a turning circle 6B to see in his glove to get a skin effect. Define your shirt with a B.

STEP 5 Using 3H and B and a piece of the mixture to add to his arm. Add more details to your arm with a 2B.

STEP 6 Now detail of his face. R 4B and B shade and mixed with a piece of rubber compound and recognizable. If you get stuck (ok, it took me some time too) I suggest you look first Catlucker tutorials comfortable with the shadows.

STEP 7 now the shadow Bane mask. I wish I read comics Ringer uses…

Step 8. Darken the shirt and put his arm and H 3B after mixing rubber and recognizable.

Step 9. Now to finish the rest of his hands and the gloves and shirt. If you’ve gotten this far, well done, and you are awesome for trying. No more… If you want to go a bit further go to step 10.

STEP 10 Take a 6B pencil and make the background. Thanks for trying. I welcome your comments and questions are welcome. I cannot wait to see if anyone in this tutorial: D Well, matter of time,”” Who is your favorite cartoon character and why that’s all is peace and drink in a warm coco.

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