How to Make Batman Bane Mask? Here have Some Ways to Teach You

All over the Batman fans are trying to make the best Bane masks. And without a doubt, Bane will be the most seen costume. Have you thought to make a Bane mask? It’s really simple to DIY a Bane mask! But it is just for entertainment.

1. The first thing you must do is buy a cup. No, it is not a paper cup to drink. I mean the cup, as the plastic helmet for their nuts. This is the main part of the screen.

2. Then the mask fetish buys a hole in his mouth. It is the main base of the mask.

3. Write to your local store and buy a thin plastic tube. Also take nuts and nipples are different sizes (yes, apparently they call it).



4. Cut the pipe in sizes small, place the nuts and nipples, and adhere firmly to the pipe.

5. Then the two ends of the tube sticking to the mask. If you do this a few times, it seems like his mask ventilation system has a real future. I have two long plastic tubes, which were in the top of the cup and ran into a Bane mask over his head.

6. When everything is dry, you are ready to paint. The cup has a dark blue and silver metallic (eg, the two top tubes). Add the black lines on the tube, to create the illusion of 3D regions. Mask pipes fashionable in dark metallic silver.

7. Of the first mask is difficult adding a strong Velcro back fetish to ensure the headset on your head. Also, you probably want to add padding on the inside of the mask sits in the bow, as it is difficult.

8. Finish the outfit with a military green jacket, black pants cargo, the matching gloves and a leather jacket. Shaving the head or find another bald and you’ve sick Bane suit.

To make Bane mask just simple, but it is just use once time! If you want to keep a long time, you should buy one online!

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