How to Paint Bane Mask?

I’m going to be going as a very low budget Bane this year. My costume won’t even be close this screen accurate this year, as I was very unsure on what I wanted to go as up until about a month ago, which left me very little planning time or funds to do it right.

So I bought a Bane mask online and am fairly pleased with it for the most part. One thing I wasn’t pleased with how was the paint job on all the tubing. So I’ve been trying to paint it to at least appease my feelings towards it. But I would like people’s opinions on here as to how it looks? Whether I should continue in the direction I’m going or change it completely? First Picture is of just bottom tubes painted. Second is of all tubes painted. I don’t necessarily want the tubes as dark as they are in the movie, but the way I got it they were just to silver for me.

I have faced this question, but now I have solved this problem, so I share for you.

You can just buy an original Bane mask, then to paint it, and you can change its color what you like. There are original Bane mask to sell on this website. And you can get it soon.

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