How to Settle These Three Conflicts

It directed to solve the problem, why they fight. Manufacture of a contradiction, threw the audience, so the audience cannot help standing side spear or shield side, naturally, led by the nose by you, and you are willing to give him anything. Create conflicts level determines the level of the film to attract audiences.

World conflicts, there are three levels: the highest level, the concept of contradiction; intermediate level, human conflicts; lowest level, and material contradictions. How to understand it?

Batman and the Joker, Two-Face, the contradiction is the contradiction between the concepts.

Batman and Bane contradiction is the contradiction between people. Bane and Batman began to fight each other. Batman fought valiantly to stop the terrorist, but the many years of isolation and lack of training had left the dark knight in a weakened state and unable to keep up with Bane’s Bane mask superior strength and speed.

Batman and bomb contradiction is the contradiction thing.

Throughout hero movies, how to settle these three conflicts, depletion director who brains. The most common pattern is to continue to deal with things in the conflict, while heroes and villains escalating conflict between the people and digestion, and finally the concept of contradictions theme by sublimation.

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