Is it True That Bane a Bad Character?

I do not discuss someone about a movie, only when it is very amazing my heart! Batman Bane just who I want to talk about today! Do you think Bane is a bad character? Someone said he is lonely.

bane mask

bane mask

Batman trust is a very worth delve further into the problem, he is not easy to trust others, it is too easy to trust others. Lucius just because was father was close friends and be trust, TDK directly appointed to give him the task of monitoring the whole city; John because he to batman confidence and trust, in the car to Bruce he go talk, and finally the lead students leave task to him; Gordon because that one down on his coat and is trusted, over the years has been the most dependent on batman comrades; Even the last big reversal of Thalia also just because pushed for environmental protection plans and salvation is trust. And the cat woman trust come more), or even completely is intuitive, intuition told batman who isn’t bad, he had betrayed vice versa trust her. And the trust of the batman finally harvest is a sincere feelings, technical support, heir, friends and lovers because he shouldn’t have some trust and harvest. Human nature good person, always believe that man.

In this film, on one is the thoroughgoing bad character, everyone has his aim and reason, even the thought of life and world.


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