Joker Bane Knight Do Live Forever Great Idea Operator Clown Memorial Video

Joker Bane Knight Do Live Forever Great Idea Operator Clown Memorial Video

Batman prequel series. Although the third department will release soon. But both the first and the second part. We (the dark knight fans) as the god. Especially “the dark knight” we both love deeply “the dark knight”, also likes the dark knight rises. We have “the dark knight”, now has “the dark knight rise group” but we all are fans of batman, more to say, we are fans of Nolan. We love this generation’s batman (Christian bale), also crazy love the clown (heath ledger). Even if he is away from us. If we have to use the name of the batman to define the three films we love. So I think a lot of people will associate or referring to previous generations of batman. All right. Batman is not necessarily someone will know we mouth Nolan’s the three films. And Nolan’s previous four batman will be summarized in. And before Nolan batman in the world of people, only second-rate super hero. Here when Nolan. Batman has been put on the overcoat supreme glory. Beyond the general super hero. Although he is only a human body. But to withstand physical and mental double impact and destruction. The last order of the phoenix nirvana. Maybe when the dark knight is defined as the title, Nolan wants to batman is different with that of the other s. He neither makes batman cult objects. Also become the object of the superhero envy envy hate. Because there is no a superhero’s influence with him so, even a superman. Because we have to believe that batman has “the godfather” pull his head on the imdb. Also started from Nolan third release at this moment we dont take “the dark knight” and “the dark knight rises to separate, because they are the same as batman (Christian bale) director (Christopher Nolan), we want to” the dark knight “and” the dark knight rise group “. We should have a unified alliance in China. United tribes. But can’t call the batman fan. In order to separate the previous generations of batman. The reason is very simple because we Nolan fell in love with the great batman.

The dark knight and generations of batman is a far cry from. So there has been an idea. We should have a unified domestic batman alliance. In order to separate the previous generations of batman. I think we’ll use Nolan named the dark knight. As the unification of the fans call. Because our love is Nolan series batman. Rather than the other. Maybe we love other batman. But without this so love. Batman. The dark knight. We refer to are Nolan. I strongly suggest that we when we start to name, can be in the dark knight rise followed by (knight). Knight’s purpose is to put the “the dark knight” and “the dark knight rise group”. Call — – knight to help. Agree to classmates put up your hands. Leave footprints. Hope we can get the name of the approval. Attached: the ugly clown and perfect a clown

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