New Batman film and Cool Bane cosplay

New Batman film and Cool Bane cosplay

Just finished back, TDKR is incredible. Nolan is the perfect end to the trilogy. Everything is full of sense of epic: music, action, the transfer of emotion. Bane although there is no clown so amazing, but it is also a great villain. He be extremely cruel and merciless, he told a miserable people on Wall Street scenes show the violence. Parents need consider carefully before take with children to seeing Batman costume.
Selena is also very good, Hathaway performed successfully, make their own interpretations, but there are still many features of the old version of the show.
Gordon is neither Robin nor took the bat. He is just an idealistic * *. That’s all. Writing and processing the roles are very good.
Baer’s Batman. Batman voice’s processing is very appropriate, unlike the first two sets so affected.
Action is good, make the film become epic. The last 20 minutes of the Batman: Bane is the best superhero movie I have ever seen. Shot down to show the action.
The film was wonderful, it is not a summer blockbuster, but it really is! Everyone was asked: “better than TDK?” Two, I will answer, film of different. Everything is different. The role is different, different tone, the story is different. But all the more ambitious, in my opinion, is better. I like a clown like everyone else, but Bane’s plan is more creative and execution, as the drama unfolds, fascinating.
I don’t want to talk too much about the details of the story, not the necessary, but……If you have been concerned about the Forum (superhero hype), then I can tell you, many details of the story before we guess is correct. But this has not affected the viewing experience, and still has a lot of surprises.
I want to tell you all want to know: Bane’s voice was clear. I read this piece with look ahead at the same theater curtain, can say, from the beginning, I think Bane’s voice or magnified, either with the. From A to Z understand no problem, at least I hear nothing. However, Gordon’s voice sometimes really annoyed me so, see TDK.
All the actors are in the best condition. Hathaway me completely shocked, but I don’t fly any of her film. Cabwoman has its own theme music; there are many comic flavors in the movie time. For her performance in the film, I extremely admire. Selena in the first half part of the motivation more old-fashioned, but in the movie, her character is very complex, the film is very important. She told Batman interaction than in the old version which is better, plumper, because the film’s Selena more credible, cartoonish.
Other places: the much anticipated Bane cosplay costume Batman battle makes me look foolish, even better than I thought. This scene did not score the more power.
I like Batman battle way this movie, always angry roar, especially in the face of mask. But the bat suit than TDK good-looking 100 times.
As we expected, is the soundtrack. Can’t say clearly, but in the last scene made me cry.
I like the role of Blake. Don’t want to say too much, but he fully integrated into the plot, there is interaction with many main characters. He will become one of the most people were talking about the film. Oh no, he’s not Dick Grayson (Robin).
More than “TDK “. 9 points are too harsh. If it doesn’t take 10 points, the 10 points does not exist.
First said the plot and two closely, form a perfect trilogy. Forum on many guesses were all pretty close, but the film is still some is never mentioned part. There are some surprises.
The actors superb performances, I didn’t choose Hathaway Gordon Hardy and Baer who is the best actor. Hathaway’s performance is between sexy and sly. Both sides ofher grasp of the role, but also put on the cat women sexy to violence. Gordon is the central character in the film Gotham City, the story is very important. Baer offered the most exciting Batman. The sound is perfect, and the characters in the film many times change. Fort Hardy wearing a mask is still the best performance. Although there are few scenes look and sound not ride, but it was very good. His feelings of the eyes, especially in the end, there is a feeling.
The soundtrack, shooting and editing are leading. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to experience it in the best movie theater, not regret. .
You rest assured, Nolan surpassed his masterpiece, the achievements of the. This is probably one of the best movie histories, in my personal top10. If not the epoch-making won best film, there is no comic book movie can do?

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