Opinions of Tom Hardy for Bane and Batman

Tom Hardy’s character should be said to be Batman’s enemy number one, and also quite prevail. He stated: ” I remember the first time I see Christian sitting in the makeup chair, I was very proud to say to yourself, Okay, go get him. No problem. Then, in the studio saw Batman. It is not Christian Bale, he is the true batman. ”

He is always wearing a Bane mask, do what he wishes without restraint in Gotham City to detonate the bomb. Scarecrow was destroyed by Batman was a madman, a clown was an anarchist, and Bane is an extreme terror whatever from his mind or his behavior. New old foe Bane Tom Hardy said: ” he looks very scary, and he is extremely clever, intelligent enemies is the most dangerous. ”

Bane mask

Tom Hardy is currently busy filming the George Miller directed the post-apocalyptic series action film Fury Road:Mad Max 4, he played the role of mad Max. And in his film co-star, Charlie Theron. In 2012 Cannes Film Festival, also premiered another drama which is starred by him in the crime drama Lawless.

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