We do a global business; our masks can be sold worldwide in 5 days. Normally, just need 3-4 days. When we receive an order, then arrange deliver goods in the same day. And you can receive within 5 days even thought the furthest distance. Normally, just 3-4 days you can receive.

To important festivals or customer’s require expedited express, just 2 days all over the world.

After the arrival of your package, we encourage you to check and make sure the clothing and other items that were made to your order specifications. Like all our dresses sewn by hand, and manufacture bespoke suits from about 1 inch in either direction of specified measurements. If the size of the data points in your order more than 1 inch, it is recommended that a local tailor for alterations.

Make our customers satisfy is our goal, if the products do not satisfy by you after the previous section, can be had for exchange within 7 days of receipt. To contact with us, (email: we will deal with it with 5 days.

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