The Bane mask Decides to Reveal this Ace in The Hole

What if when the batman fail and the mask knows that Bane is coming after him, the Bane mask decides to reveal this ace in the hole, his last hidden card, his last chance of not being by Bane, a man or a creature that is so menacing and terrifying that deserves to be mask’s personal guard and right hand man, I think that would be awesome.

Would you like to see something like that in the game, a little surprise from WBGM like what rocksteady did at the end of arkham city?

And if this was to happen in the game, which villain (or even a superhero under some kind of mind control) do you think should be this secret weapon; you can pretend that no villain was announced and pick one from the confirmed characters. This includes all of the DC universe, from Bane to wolverine…. just kidding.I meant late in the game, it could bring the League of Assassins down on Gotham’s criminal underworld…

The Bane mask bounty draws all of these assassins to Gotham and he gets way more than he bargained for when the League shows up…

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