The Batman Premiere Bane Hong Kong Experience

When HOPE is Lost, a FIRE will RISE!!!!!!!!!!! Solemn promise: this film does not contain key spoilers and resolutely oppose all spoiling the film plot. July 18 to Hong Kong and macau pass in the morning, at noon in the train to shenzhen, guangzhou railway train delays an hour and a half nearly 19 morning I was late to squeeze through customs MTR finally under the good intention person to help in advertising for a few seconds before the seated in Hong Kong Tsim Sha Tsui UA isquare IMAX theaters on time watch the TDKR premiere, which itself may I have the most resonant a travel experience. The much-anticipated TDKR finally landed on the IMAX screen. As early as when I write the avengers alliance reviews have trailer will probably go to Hong Kong movie and write reviews. Now let’s this began to rush back to Shanghai home: this really is a what kind of god? The film look great not great?

This is a film villain vivid cartoon or movie, batman ‘s success, leave the villain’ s infinite charm.

Heath ledger in the dark knight 2008 erected almost impossible to go beyond the eternal classic villain: Joker. Many people worry about the movie’s Bane may not be able to transcend in the lead of the aura. As the joint effect of the third department of ornamental and depth will never surpass the dark knight. Actually this kind of worry is redundant. Tom Hardy the deductive Bane will no doubt on the all-time classic villain of the rankings. Unlike clowns, Bane disdain by trick plot with the weakness of human nature and create chaos. Bane in the film by sharp calmly, very outrageous bullying means completely ran over ghosn public audience burning every glimmer of hope, and the screen. He was not one to carry a gun crap along while completing a fool, only Bane will appear in every situation seems to be improving, when hope seems to be lit, leng jun to be aggressive and word ruthlessly destroyed the yarn dying wish flames. He is so strong, so aggressive. But, as the chaos philosophy created crazy clown, film also convincing almost invincible and charming place the bully forming reasons. As for hathaway deduce catwoman, Anne acting impeccably can only use to describe. A catwoman usual enchanting affectation of style, flexible hathaway catwoman not only changed, sincere emotion, and is about to come clean. The film and the first two relations have how old? 3. Trilogy interlocking, echo each other at the plot of TDKR followed by TDK stretching ahead. Those who buried the hidden trouble in the TDK sunlight is dragged to the one by one. And the first XiaYing mystery is a lot of plot is associated with the film. It should be said that Nolan was a film of the first two games of the super long trailer. If you are a Nolan batman fan, you will find three films together is a great trilogy as a god. How many Nolan’s film? 4. This is a film full of Nolan personal familiar with Nolan’s fans all know his personal characteristics: sufficient clues – multiple stage connecting – you could not guess the truth. The film is compared with the previous two more incisively and vividly embodies the this one feature of Nolan. Even though we have been through the trailer to the plot to know about, but something you can’t think of the Nolan’s film there, will give you a blood clotting, and shock to scream. Because there are so many inconvenience spoilers, I can’t say much further. I can only say that in the process of viewing, even if you had seen it countless times in the trailer, can still give you enough shock and impact on the screen. This great film that I can follow clear thread of the plot, trembling, and despair, boiling, laughter, tears, and with the audience after the end credits for Nolan thunderous applause.

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