The Dark Knight Rises is A Wonderful Film

In order his entire loved woman, Bane does everything. The woman is Shadow Master’s daughter, and she inherited his father profession. Destroy Gordon is the destination. And the city in the people, not the hopeless despair Barbara despair.

Why a billionaire playboy, will disregard their own safety, exhaust all their wealth and power, in every night with his body and life to save this Gotham city.

If you didn’t watch The Dark Knight Rises, you didn’t know that such a cowardly selfish person will eventually find yourself losing faith with the same part of his life to defend the city.

The simply phrase that NOT YET, he is a true hero. A knight can afford to pay his entire city made the most selfless, most touching commitments. Heroes can be anyone, even if he has done is very simple, such as to give a boy draped coat, let him feel at ease, telling him life continues.

My friend and I watched The Dark Knight Rises, and then he changed his habit, no longer shake in white vest everywhere, he bought a Bane jacket; put his hands on the neckline, showing off his upper body multi-block muscle like.

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