The Dark Knight Rises, Love It Or Hate It

Almost a year has passed since Christopher Nolan released The Dark Knight Rises, by this time; we’ve all come to peace with it. Since that time it has been dissected to the point where little remains of the film except our personal feelings. Love it or hate it, plot holes or no plot holes, the film is what it is.

This has been in for the last he may be laying the groundwork for a new Batman. There is a place Batman told him that if he goanna work alone, he’d better put on a Bane mask. These are credits for him laying the groundwork to become the new Batman.

And though you didn’t think it was possible to go even deeper, one of the biggest head scratching moments in the film – the fate of Bruce Wayne – has now been analyzed even further. Beware of massive spoilers below.

Tom Hardy has half of his face covered during the film, but manages to get more than enough emoting and personality from his eyes and voice. The way his Bane costumes forward grasping his coat’s collar, or the way he lays the back of a hand on someone’s shoulder, the tilt of his head, all provide so much character and meaning, it is just awesome to watch his use of body and vocal inflection serve him so well.

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