The Different Superhero Batman with the Black Costumes

The Different Superhero Batman with the Black Costumes

In the Batman movies directed by Nolan, Batman with the balck costumes is a different superhero, he doesn’t kill anyone. Because of this, many people like him and cosplay him with the Batman cosplay costumes.
Batman Bane cosplay
Everyone has good and evil; Joker does not follow this rule and the logic of human society, cannot simply be judged by good and evil, of course, from a social point of view is undoubtedly evil Joker performance. Before Joker who did not become a Joker? Has a kind of code of conduct? I tend to believe that he is slowly becoming a Joker, and slowly developed its own set of values that the system, namely the eradication of social rules.
bronze Bane mask replica
Batman does not kill this criterion to its own, is a discipline of the bottom line. What is the purpose of the law is? Are also victims of justice to punish the bad guys? Based violence with violence? The law is to maintain social order, to prevent potential acts against the social order, that crime. If you understand this, look at Batman does not kill quite clear. Not only is Batman, say the real world, do not kill the criteria derived from, any of us who are not qualified to play God, are not eligible to deprive other people’s lives, even the disposition of a person who killed other people. Of course, in reality the law can be sentenced to death. According to the above said purpose of the law, the death penalty is not really one of the best ways to maintain social order, which is another topic; you can write a paper no problem. Batman drifted outside the social order, have the right to maintain social order, he thinks, what is correct? That order to obtain recognition within the majority group. He caught powerless order, and then to order processing, they are merely porters, to avoid their own moral identity. Once the murder, Batman plunged into an identity crisis, has become a Joker.

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