The Exaggerated Batman and Bane Cosplay

Several days ago, I have seen a cosplay party in our city. The exaggerated Batman and Bane cosplay was attracted lots of fans. The coser was Bane and his prop was Batman, Batman was in the hand of Bane at that time.

Batman Bane cosplay

In the movie, Bane is the most powerful enemy of Batman, though he has hurt Batman and made him can not movie in some time, Batman is not so as tragic as that time. Here is the photo I saw in the cosplay party:

Batman Bane cosplay

As the picture show, Batman is the loser, Bane is the winner. This time, Bane is so powerful and nobody can debate him. Do you want to become the powerful man like Bane? Now, if you wear in the Bane mask and the Bane cosplay costumes, you could do that.


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