The Third Version Bane Mask is Available

The third version Bane mask is available now!

This new version bane masks has something different from the VERSION 2 mask:

Bane mask Version 2  VS  Bane mask Version 3:

bane masks Version 2:

  1. Full adult size, flexible design for adult
  2. Increase mouth space; Suitable for more people and more comfortable
  3. 10 holes for breath, good to health
  4. 3D technology design new appearance, more like Bane
  5. New paint appearance, deluxe articulation & perfect
  6. New Bane style voice changer(optional)It can be Bane’s voice

bane masks Version 3:

It is including all of version 2 advantages and update.

It is painted as bronze-colored, more beautiful than the version 2. And this one is totally different than those cheap one, it will always stand up, never flat down .If you have any questions and advices, please send us your advices after cosplay our bane mask, if the advice is adopted in next version, you will get a free new mask! Amazon store:

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