The Tragic Character Bane in the Dark Knight Rises

Bane with the Bane mask is a powerful cartoon villain, he has both the wisdom of another brute force, is a very powerful enemy, but in the movie is actually a fourth one would not even say the word monster, poison ivy and became a woman attendant thugs.
Batman bane cosplay
In the Dark Knight Rises, Bane multi-lingual, proficient in human history, both physical and mental functioning to reach the pinnacle of human super villain, Batman will send the perfect killing machine wheelchair. Bane played by British actor Tom Hardy • As Hollywood favorite, not only tough shape, acting is also very amazing. Although there is no original in almost comic giant’s height, but as Nolan Qin point “Inception Gang” member, he should still shaping killer Bane’s quite convincing.
Batman bane vest
Bane with the Bane coat had been used as “venom ” guinea pigs, resulting in the need to maintain the life of a gas suction tube into his mask on it along behind two cans of drugs jaw. Variation occurred because the body, so not only win on the physical Bane Batman, but he once again stay calm good layout is known, can be described as a “muscle and intelligence co-exist,” the ultimate devil, his command of the villain is not a rabble, like mercenaries, the city into a battlefield, will be upgraded and spread terror in for this wrap, the Bane of Gotham City opened the gates of hell….

Today, many people like to cosplay Bane with the cosplay costumes, but I think Bane is a tragic character, like stealing fire from heaven and revenge combination Count of Monte Cristo, the growth in the oppressive prisons, in order to get out of reach of freedom, accepted for the war to strengthen the development of human pharmaceuticals, gained amazing strength and physique, and to help partners successfully escaped prison, he had broken off Batman ‘s spine, making the blues at some time have to rely on a wheelchair, to replace injured after JEAN PAUL Batman Bruce became his temporary Batman inner confusion, the courage to challenge reflects the dark fate.

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