The Version II Batman Bane Jacket Best Choice

Batman Bane jacket for saleGood news, Xcoser has developed the version II Batman Bane jacket; it’ll be the great work to the Batman Bane fans. As we know that, the Bane coat is more like the one in Batman: The Dark Knight Rises. When we wear in the coat, we are the Bane.

Many people think that Bane is a man who we should hate. What he has done is not good for many people. Because of him, many people died. But every coin has two sides, some people regard Bane as a hero, some people think he is a villain. What does it matter? That’s no doubt that the actor of Bane is so great, he lets us know more about Bane.

Today, many people like to cosplay Bane with the Bane cosplay costumes, such as the Bane mask, Bane jacket and the Bane full suit. I think the Bane coat is very cool and fits to wear in many parties, such as the Halloween and the Christmas party.

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