To Quick Build TDKR Bane Mask

I decided to take a break from my Robocop suit for a few weeks and decided to build a Bane mask on The Dark Knight Rises.

The idea was to have accuracy (ISH) for cheap Bane mask with most of the things I’ve had lying in the garage.

I found some reference pictures in google and I have to work with my good old cardboard. This is a list of the materials that I used to I Laying:

- Cardboard (main structure of the mask)

- Velcro (to hold it to my head!)

- Small piece of plastic sheet (mouth piece with holes in)

- Wooden scewers (details)

- Milk bottle top (details)

- Shampoo bottle top (details)

- Plastic hoses of varying size (face hoses)

- 6mm ID Springs (face hoses)

- Spray paint (er….)

I did have to buy a few things though:

- Non slip mat (mesh type for details)

- Black cable (for the two hoses on head)

Thus began the basic form is quite simple, and he had so fairly quickly, but cut all the pipes and fittings took some time. All this was taken with my trust glue gun and ends here, but in its raw form.

But I have found bane mask on sale now~ I also feel it is better than what I make!

To show you the photos:

DIY Bane mask

DIY Bane mask

bane mask sale

bane mask sale

bane mask sale

bane mask sale

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