Tom Hardy is Expected to Join Ghost Recon

Ubisoft has a plurality of the film projects, such as Michael Fassbender starring ” Assassin’s Creed ” and Tom Hardy starred in the ” Cell Division”, but not enough to meet the Ubisoft movie ambition, seem is considering ” Ghost Recon” also the film adaptation.

According to a Losangeles times report, Ubisoft studios chief executive Jean-Julien Baronnet said, ” being prepared according to ” Ghost Recon” adaptation of the film, tells the story of special forces team. ”

” Ghost Recon” the game was never particularly prominent figures or background story. This means the movie simply use the game in modern science fiction weapons, then you can play several characters compilation and consistent.

In fact, in the earlier this year, Ubisoft had made ” Ghost Recon” real action movie. The length of only 23 minutes, is on the basis of just listing the ” Ghost Recon : Future Soldier ” adaptation. Which actors will join this film? How about Bane mask Tom Hardy?

bane mask

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