Tom Hardy is expected to Star the Mystic River

In the Limitless director Neil Burger is summit entertainment incurred under the Differences, directed by him, but there was no director to direct the scheduled film Animal Rescue. At present, Fox Searchlight Pictures found another director, who directed Bullhead, Belgian director Michael R. Roskam. Now he is also actively contact with Tom Hardy who successfully starred villain Bane with his unique the Dart Knight Rises Bane mask, hope Hardy will play the leading role in the film.

Animal Rescue adapted from a short novel which is written by Dennis Lehane. The story is talking about a Boston bartender in the garage rescued a small pet dog, became the dog that has a propensity to abuse and mental state very unstable original master deep hatred due to all sorts of accidental mishaps, he becomes a local gangster wrestling. It is reported, Denis will personally revise the screenplay. According to reports, Hardy will be very glad to join this movie.

Bane mask

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