Tom Hardy will Star Soviet Union Movie ” Child 44 “

According to foreign media reports, Tom Hardy and Noomi Rapace is going to join a film which is produced by Ridley Scott Child 44, and by director Daniel Espinosa, according to Tom Rob Smith an adaptation of the 2008 novel of the same name.

” Child 44 ” story took place in the Stalin era of the former Soviet Union, actor Leo Demidov was a Soviet Ministry of state security ( MGB ) agent, he is loyal, love their country, full of idealism. As a war hero, Leo enjoyed special treatment granted by the state, not only he himself lived in Moscow’s house, his parents also points to a good apartment. Although the secret arrest and torture to extract confessions, but Leo believes that it is in the national interest. But a series of children’s murder has changed the life of Leo, the government did not acknowledge the murder of the facts, trying to catch the murderer Leo become the government suspicion target, only his wife always stand at his side.

Tom Hardy who starred villain Bane with his impressive Bane mask and Noomi Rapace in addition to the ” Child 44 ” also will also appeared in Michael R. Roskam’s who directed Animal Rescue.


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