Why Does Bane Wear the Mask

Based on the scar that can be seen on the back of his neck, it seems reasonable to deduce that he has had some sort of extensive cervical fusion as a result of significant damage to his cervical our lives, it has Bane mask for sale a lot of places already. Many cosers like cosplay Bane.

All though they never referred to venom directly in the movie in the comic venom is the source of banes super strength, speed, and intelligence. All throughout the movie bane is basically untouchable taking multiple direct back to back blows from Batman without flinching and crushes people like nothing. There is no logical explanation to this power other than venom the steroid from the comics. When Batman targets banes mask and ruptures it bane becomes mortal again and is on the verge of death taking a beating from Batman. In the comic it is mentioned bane becomes weak when he doesn’t have his venom. My one gripe with the movie is they don’t mention the mask or its orgin at all. They mention morphine is needed for bane and his mask covers his wounds but doesn’t ref. Where does he get all the strength? Simply morphine doesnt make any sense for this strength.

When Bane was involved in the prison brawl, he was beaten very badly and as a result suffered from severe and chronic pain; the mask injected a type of anaesthetic into his body which helped numb the pain.



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